THOMAS WINTERTON – Skinwalker Ranch – Cristina Gomez – UFOs

THOMAS WINTERTON – Skinwalker Ranch – Cristina Gomez – UFOs

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A place where the Veil between Realms could be torn. Portals, UFOs, Cryptids, the Paranormal, and an Ancient Curse all converge in one Location…

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SKINWALKER RANCH – Cristina talks with Thomas Winterton, the Superintendent of Skinwalker Ranch.

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Thomas Winterton goes into depth on a lot of the bizarre mysteries and occurrences that occur at the infamous Skinwalker Ranch in the Uintah Basin, in Utah, including the terrifying ‘Hitchhiker Effect’ and the trickster intelligence that seems to toy with visitors and residents of the ranch.
Thomas is the Superintendent of Skinwalker Ranch, overseeing the maintenance of the property, its facilities and equipment, as well as overseeing ranching activities and assisting in investigations. A native of the Uintah Basin, Thomas is the founder and operator of multiple businesses.
Skinwalker Ranch and the surrounding area have been referred to as “UFO alley” since the 1950s when numerous anomalous events and strange activity began occurring. In the TV Show, ‘The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch’, a team of scientists and experts conducts a thorough and daring search of the infamous 512-acre property in Utah’s Uinta Basin in an attempt to find out the answers behind more than 200 years of UFO sightings, strange animal mutations, paranormal related mysteries, and Native American legends of a shape-shifting creature known simply as as “The Skinwalker.”
Scientists use the latest in cutting-edge technology, like ground-penetrating radar and drones, to seek shocking discoveries.

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THOMAS WINTERTON – Cristina Gomez – Skinwalker Ranch – UFOs

TIMELINE INDEX – Chapters to navigate the show
00:00 – Intro Music
01:35 – Cristina opens, news briefing, and Guest Bio
05:24 – Interview Part 1
24:01 – Commercial Break 1
29:05 – Interview Part 2
53:51 – Commercial Break 2
59:00 – Interview Part 3
01:23:25 – Cristina comments and wraps up
01:26:21 – Outro and Credits

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