Shell Game (1975) TV Movie | Comedy, Adventure

Shell Game (1975) TV Movie | Comedy, Adventure

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A convicted con artist sets out to expose the head of a charity fund who has been embezzling money to cover his huge gambling losses.

Director: Glenn Jordan
Writer: Harold Jack Bloom
Stars: John Davidson. Tommy Atkins, Robert Sampson
Genres: Classics, Comedy, Adventure

CCC CHAPTERS: in the general comments tell us your favorite scene and we will add it
00:00 Full Length Movie
02:12 Snail mail hustle
04:26 Office sleepover
06:19 $225,000 missing
11:40 1975 style
12:16 The poker hustle
13:14 That’s called murder 1
14:15 – 14:19 Let’s not panic – What are we gonna do?
22:26 At the Ponies
29:45 You are up to something
32:07 Hold my local calls

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