​Harley-Davidson Presents: Instrument of Expression | 2022 Nightster

​Harley-Davidson Presents: Instrument of Expression | 2022 Nightster

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To write the next chapter, you need the right instrument.​

​Born from an icon of yesterday and evolved for the riders of today, the 2022 Nightster is the ultimate canvas for those who seek to push through barriers and create their own riding experience.​

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Instrument Of Expression – Dedication & Credits
This film is dedicated to the builders of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and around the world.

Directed by Austin Peck & Jack Shanahan
Director of Photography: Jack Shanahan
Production: Projectorbeam
Art Direction: Daniel N. Johnson
First Assistant Camera: Phil Shavartsman
Edited by Austin Peck
Original Score by Seye Adelekan, Charlie Morton and James Nall
Sound Mix and Engineering: Erik Lohr
Creative Direction: Adam Nathanson, Adam Renfree, Colony
Color: Stewart Griffin
Online Editor & Finishing Services: Drew Kilgore & Final Frame

Featured Engineers and Designers: Kyle Wick, Ben McGinley, Ashley Nieman
Mechanics: Edward Christensen, Jeff Mish, Craig Lager
Test Lab Engineer: Michael Hermes
Executive Producer: Jake Schmidt
Producer: Andrew Lomenzo
Producer: Breanna Riedel
Gaffer: Adam Klimaszewski
Key Grip: Tim Spellman
Grip & Electric: Ryan Kolegas, Nick Silva, Kevin Sweeney, Jon Benson, Aaron Zakowski
Daryl Kiefer, Tyler Deraedt
2nd Unit Camera Operator: Justin Linnemeier
2nd Unit Camera Assistant: Michael Krieger
Sound Recordist: Jacob Fatke

Featured Builder: Charlie Stockwell
Photographic Assistant: Jan Jack Klos
Subfrantic Studios: Stephen Davies, Aylwin Steele, Liam Gunning

Featured Builders: Kim Bergerforth, Andreas Bergerforth
Fixer and Photographic Assistant: Michael Rauscher

Featured Builder: Brandon Holstein
Speed Merchant: Alfonzo Vasquez
Painter: Michael “BuckWild” Ramirez
Bike Wrangler: Gene Thomason

Featured Builders: Jody Perewitz, Dave Perewitz
Also Appearing: Judd Hollifield & Moose of Rinehart Racing, Andy George of Sons of Speed

Featured Builder: Hideya Togashi
Producer: Jonathan Ealey
Director of Photography: Yuji Suzuki
Sound Recordist: Mariel Lohninger
Camera Assistant: Thomas Beswick
Interpereter: Hiroki Takai

Performers: Kyle & Cody Ives
Wall of Death Crew: Cory Snyder, Chris Thompson, Sarah Winslow, Logan Baker
Lighting Director: Adam Klimaszewski
Key Grip: Tim Spellman
1st AC / Movi Tech: Phil Shavartsman
2nd Unit DP: Keith Ferreira
2nd AC: Spencer Wilson
Best Boy Grip & Driver: Mike Pilcher
Grip & Driver: Richard Plumber
3rd Electric: D’Cory Hunt
Best Boy Electric & Generator: Stephen Walton
Stunt Rider: Sarah Winslow
Bike Wrangler: Gene Thomason, Cash Thomason
Catering: Matt & Kim Hagel
With Gratitude: Tonya & Shawn Ives, Bill & Barbara Ives.

Michael Carlin
Chris Fecke
Miranda Haynie
Theo Keetell
Tyler Kuehne
Bill Jackson
David Latz
Andrew Lomenzo
Kristina McGuirk
Arrick Maurice
Brian Munzel
Paul Murray
Dong Park
Brad Richards
Breanna Riedel
Jeff Roush
Jake Schmidt
Jochen Zeitz

With Gratitude
Bill Davidson
Willie G Davidson
The “Willie G Portrait Artist”

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