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Hi guys! Here’s a quick comparison of ALL HOME vs AXELUM! What do you like more? What will you pick? What stock will you buy? Where will you place more money!

The main goal of this is to give you the right information so you can compare both companiesmake amazing decisions on your investments as I really believe the best investments are the ones you spent most of your time studying. All of the information below is just based on the IPO prospectus that the company disclosed.

Background Axelum:

Axelum Resources Corp. is a fully-integrated manufacturer of high quality coconut products for domestic and international food & beverage companies, confectioneries, bakeries, private label supermarkets and grocery store chains, food service industries, coconut coffee creamer manufacturers, cosmetics and diet prepared food market. The Company uses all the parts of the coconut in its production resulting to a full-line of coconut products including coconut water, desiccated coconuts, coconut milk powder, coconut milk/cream, reduced fat coconut, sweetened coconut, coconut oil, and other coconut products.

The IPO price will be at 6.81 Pesos and the float will be 28.25% after all shares are sold.

Background All Home:

AllHome Corp. is a pioneering “one-stop shop” home store in the Philippines – from building Filipino’s homes to furnishing it, Since its incorporation in 2013, it has grown 27 stores as of July 2019 with an
an aggregate net selling space of approximately 215,994 sqm across 22 cities and municipalities.

Their product offering spans seven key categories from over 800 local and international
brands, including 18 in-house brands. These product categories are furniture, hardware, appliances, tiles
and sanitary wares, homewares, linens and construction materials.

IPO Proceeds Axelum:

The total shares to be sold is about 1.13 Million common shares. 700,000 primary shares and 400,000 secondary shares.

Strategic Acquisitions – 1.85 Billion Pesos (26%)
Expansion of Domestic and International distribution network – 530 Million Pesos (7%)
New Manufacturing facilities – 470 Million Pesos (7%)
Retirement of Loans – 800 Million Pesos (11%)
Other Capital expenditures – 758 Million Pesos (17%)
Secondary Shares – 2.7 Billion Pesos (38%)

IPO Proceeds All Home:

Expansion: 6.2 Billion Pesos
Debt Repayment: 4.6 Billion Pesos
General Purposes: 0.6 Billion Pesos

Net Income Axelum:

2015 – 108 Million Pesos
2016 – 474 Million Pesos
2017 – 530 Million Pesos
2018 – 365 Million Pesos

Net Income All Home:

2016 : 46 Million Pesos
2017 : 112.6 Million Pesos
2018 : 511.4 Million Pesos
2019 : 434.3 Million Pesos (1st half of 2019)

I hope this video helps you make the right decision when it comes to your investments! Specially that we will have a lot of IPOs this year, that you pick the one that fits your strategy, needs, risk profile and goals!

God bless you!

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