🐦【FULL】【ENG SUB】凤唳九天 EP17 | RENASCENCE | iQiyi Romance

🐦【FULL】【ENG SUB】凤唳九天 EP17 | RENASCENCE | iQiyi Romance

4956 , 5.00 , #FULLENG #SUB凤唳九天 #EP17 #RENASCENCE #iQiyi #Romance
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【Cast】Chen Zhe Yuan, Li Mo Zhi

【Introduction】Empress of Chu, Yao Mo Xin, falls prey to traitors in the imperial court. After a thunderstorm, her soul transfers itself into the body of her younger sister, Yao Mo Wan, who happens to be running from enemies. Yao Mo Wan tumbles down a cliff and loses her memory. Through a series of events, Yao Mo Wan and Prince Su of Chu, Ye Jun Qing, fall in love. Yao Mo Wan finally settles the painful score of the past after much hardship and helps Ye Jun Qing reclaim his kingdom.

《My Sassy Princess》
《Be My Princess》
《Oh My Lord》
《Shining For One Thing》
《Nothing But You》
《Ace Troops》
《Forever and Ever》
《One and Only》
《Sweet Teeth》
《Timeless Love》
《Love Is Sweet》
《The Day Of Becoming you》
《My Dear Guardian》
《My Roommate is a Gumiho》

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